Selected Value: 600
What’s the level of amazing you are willing to reach?
We bet the first name is as beautiful as the last. Prove us wrong.
Let’s get down to business…name.
We need your email. How else can let you know that your amazing videos are ready?
Sometimes a nice chat on the phone is the easiest way to do things.
What are we calling it?
Why do you want a video? What would you like to get out of these super cool videos? How would you measure their success?
Who will you turn into raving fans once they see these videos?
Location, location, location.
When are we filming?
When would you like us to deliver the videos and blow your mind?
Who are these incredibly engaging people we’re filming? We want names, titles and places of business and we want them now!
What’s this amazing service or product that we cannot live without?
Help us get into your brilliant mind. Show us a cool video that will help us understand your unique Tarantino’esque vision.
Is this video for you or for your client? Who’s branding are we using?
Please let us know of any special dates that we should be aware of, your birthday included.
Wether it’s a new incredible brief or an update to an existing mind blowing project, please tell us how this concept came about.
What would you like to get out of our award winning photographer?
Do you need some cool animated titles for your videos, a new animated logo or will you be creating a CGI spaceship?
Tell us how many videos will we be creating and where these videos will live. Are they for your website or are you using “Insta” because you’re down with the kids?
At the end of the video, do you want your audience to click on a link or watch your incredible new animated logo unfold with that awesome slogan you came up with? What is the message exactly? Please write it here.
Are there key shots you want us to get? Specific angles or framing we must not miss or certain individuals or locations you want us to capture? Is the on-camera talent looking straight to camera or off-camera?
Want to add some sweet tunes to your video? We can compose one for you.
Do you need the on-camera talent to read off a script? Please tell us if you need an autocue.
Some people like reading, specially those who watch YouTube videos late at night sitting on the toilet.
Sometimes the path to success can be a bit bumpy. Are there any potential roadblocks you can foresee?
No matter what we do, this is something we have to keep in mind and cannot miss.